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  • Shoji Ito
    Tokyo | 东京

    Design director, product developer, and product designer. General Manager of Design Room at MUJI from 2002 to 2008. Designed and directed over 3,000 products. Have received three IF Design Award Gold in 2005 and one in 2007. Established my own studio, Designito, in 2010. Recent works include collaboration project with the City of Yokohama to connect local factories and creators. Design projects with MUJI, KOKUYO, and LoFt. 

    Philosophy on design : "My generation is a generation to experiment and practice something unexplored. New material, new technique, new technology, new media, new idea, etc. All are coming from now on. Let major designers continue to design everything that follow the same path of famous designs. As the next generation, we are to spend a lot of time to search for new ways of thinking and shapes." 

    About Lexon : "When I saw Lexon's radio for the first time, I was freed from traditional concept of design. Most of the industrial products that I had looked up to by then, were just styled margianlly on the surface. Lexon is simple, function-oriented, yet crushingly unique. Lexon continues to present the world the true value of things."