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    They created their design studio in Milano in 1992. Due to the combining of their respective experiences within the fashion, stylistic and graphic sectors, the BB Studio progressed quickly in the design of school, office, travel and free-time accessories.

    This made possible the progressive collaborations with more and more important firms in these sectors: Australian, Diesel, Benetton, Ferrino, Wrangler, Kitamura, Ciesse, Stop&Go, Jaguar, Superga, Invicta, Fila, Nava Design, Samsonite, C.P. Company, Everlast, Benetton-Playlife, Killer Loop.

    ? The trust and attention that Lexon has granted us in these thirteen years of collaboration have stimulated us to expand our creativity towards new spheres. We have worked together on very attractive and gratifying unique projects. ?